Federal Drug Crimes

An experienced federal criminal defense attorney can fight for you if you have been charged with a federal drug crime. Self-representation in the criminal court system is riddled with pitfalls. A federal criminal defense lawyer knows what to expect and can help you prepare a strong defense.

If You’re Charged

If your case goes before a Grand Jury, a federal criminal defense attorney can review your indictment and explain the charges against you. Also, a federal criminal defense lawyer can attend your initial appearance and address any bail or bond issues that might impede your release from jail pending the resolution of your case. He or she can discuss the ramifications of a guilty or not guilty plea at your formal arraignment.

Developing Your Defense

One of your lawyer’s most important jobs is to develop your defense. While no lawyer can guarantee an acquittal or dismissal of the charges against you, a federal criminal defense attorney will thoroughly review your case, looking for any legal defense or excuse for the conduct charged.

The Evidence Against You

Your federal criminal defense attorney will look at the prosecution’s evidence and how it was collected. If your attorney feels that it was collected in violation of your rights (e.g., a statement given without the Miranda warning; a warrantless search of your car and/or home; an arrest without probable cause; or an unlawful seizure of items in your possession, in your car, or in your home ), he can file a motion (a request to the judge) to suppress that evidence and keep it from being used against you.

If Your Case Goes to Trial

While your lawyer will explore the possibility of a plea bargain, you may want or need to nevertheless prepare for a trial. If this is the case, your federal criminal defense lawyer will tell you what to expect and explain federal sentencing guidelines in the event of a conviction.

Contact a New Jersey Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

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