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As New Jersey criminal defense lawyer Timothy R. Anderson knows, if you or a loved one has been taken into custody for an alleged criminal offense, navigating the often-confusing criminal justice system can be difficult, beginning with understanding bail. Understanding bail, what it is and how it works is often the very first step in the process of allowing you or your loved one to remain out of custody while the case proceeds. Here are the essential points you need to understand about bail.

Conditions of Release

For most criminal cases, you will have bail set by the court. The judge will determine the appropriate amount of bail as well as other conditions by which you will have to abide. Such conditions may include your being required to put up some property as collateral against the bail amount as well as following certain restrictions on your freedom.

Bail at the Police Station

If your offense is very minor, New Jersey law allows the police department to set your bail at the police station. In most cases, however, your bail is likely to be set by a judge.

Bail Bonding Companies

Your New Jersey criminal defense lawyer may refer you to a bail bonding company. These companies then post your bail in exchange for your paying them a percentage fee, typically about 10%. The amount required of you will generally not be refundable, as it is the company’s fee. If you miss court, the company may then send a bounty hunter out to find you. Bounty hunters are not police officers and do not have the same training. If you use a bail company, it is very important you make it to court when required, to not run afoul of your bail conditions.

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