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Dear Clients and Friends of Tim Anderson Law:

This has been a turbulent few weeks, and it will be a while before the uncertainty passes. I wanted to reach out to you and update you on how COVID-19 has impacted my firm, as well as the entire criminal justice system.

My firm has been prepared to weather this storm for some time. As a result, the only change to how we do business is that we now rely on Facetime, Zoom, and other teleconferencing technology to conduct what would normally be face to face meetings. Other than that, our business of advocating zealously for our clients continues unabated, without interruption. We are here to help you, your loved ones, or your friends, should the need arise.

On the other hand, federal and state courts, prosecutors, police officers, and ongoing investigations have been massively disrupted. We are constantly assessing this fluid, rapidly changing situation and monitoring the responses of all levels of government that are tasked with carrying out criminal investigations and prosecutions. We have already seen guidance from various law enforcement agencies instructing their rank and file to exercise discretion and to shift their enforcement priorities.

In the coming days, weeks, and months we expect to see additional guidance from state and federal law enforcement and prosecutors regarding changes to their enforcement priorities, charging decisions, decisions on whether to take a matter to trial, and sentencing recommendations.

All the best,
Tim Anderson, Managing Partner
Tim Anderson Law, LLC
Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

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