A New Jersey Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help Fight White Collar Criminal Charges

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, certain white collar crimes, including mortgage and lending fraud, have seen a sharp increase over the past five years. For instance, in 2011 alone nearly 726 corporate fraud cases were pending at the close of the fiscal year, representing one of the highest rates of white collar crime in history. If you are facing an investigation for white collar crime or believe you are about to be indicted by a federal grand jury, a Trenton federal criminal defense lawyer can help you better understand the nature of your charges and the possible penalties you may face. White collar crimes are particularly complex, and you should make certain you retain an experienced Trenton federal criminal defense attorney to handle your case.

A New Jersey Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains Possible Penalties

While federal white collar crimes do not necessarily cause physical harm to victims, the government will seek to compensate those alleged victims for their financial losses. As your federal criminal defense lawyer will explain, a federal white collar crime defendant could be ordered to pay restitution to victims. Other penalties against which your federal criminal defense lawyer must defend could include:

  • Jail time in either federal or state prison
  • Fines payable to the state or federal government
  • Forfeiture of money or property
  • Probation or parole
  • House arrest

By working closely with a federal criminal defense attorney who understands the federal rules of procedure and sentencing, you could significantly reduce the extent of your potential penalties and limit the amount of money you must pay in fines and restitution.

A New Jersey Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Possible Defenses

As with any crime, lack of criminal intent is a possible defense to a white collar crime allegation. If your business maneuvers were in furtherance of a legitimate business purpose and you did not possess the intent to defraud or deceive another person, you may be able to prevent any criminal culpability. In addition, your federal criminal defense lawyer could suggest entrapment as a possible defense if government officials coerced or threatened you into committing a criminal act you would otherwise not have committed.

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