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NJ Federal Criminal Defense LawyerThe federal crime of bank fraud covers a broad range of activities. As your NJ federal criminal defense lawyer explains, to be convicted of bank fraud, you typically must have:

• Attempted to carry out a scheme to obtain money or property from a financial institution chartered or insured by the federal government; or

• Concealed information or made statements or promises you knew were false when you made them.

Your NJ federal criminal defense lawyer notes that you can be convicted of bank fraud even if the scheme was not successful, and the bank did not suffer an actual loss. In addition, you may be prosecuted even if the conduct was outside of the United States.


Your NJ federal criminal defense lawyer can describe the defenses available. A few of the common defenses seek to show that:

• You made the false statements in good faith and believed them to be true when you made them; or

• The property involved was not under the custody or control of the financial institution.

Other Federal Criminal Crimes

However, as your NJ Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer will emphasize, a charge of bank fraud is often accompanied by other claims, such as:
• Mail or wire fraud;
• Money laundering;
• Conspiracy;
• Transportation, sale or receipt of stolen goods; and
• Use of a false or fictitious name, address or title (i.e., identity theft) as part of the scheme.

If you have been accused of bank fraud, your NJ federal criminal defense lawyer urges you to understand how these offenses are characterized and what is required for your NJ federal criminal defense lawyer to establish a proper defense.

NJ federal criminal defense attorney Tim Anderson can help you evaluate the charges and understand what will be needed for your defense. Contact him at 732-212-2812 to schedule a consultation.

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