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Most of our practice is devoted to helping those charged in federal court, but we have also had success in representing clients charged in New Jersey Superior and municipal courts.  One of our latest successes was the dismissal of a case in municipal court in which our client was arrested by the New Jersey State Police while parked at one of the rest stops on the Garden State Parkway. Our client faced multiple third-degree drug possession charges, one charge of possession of drug paraphernalia, and one charge of possession of a hypodermic needle. It took us over a year, but in the end, all the evidence was suppressed, the charges were dropped, and the client’s arrest record was expunged. 1


1 Lawyers’ Footnote: In this case, the main issue was whether the totality of the circumstances leading up to the Terry stop provided an objectively reasonable and particularized suspicion that our client was engaged in criminal activity. Our motion argued that the arresting officers did not meet that standard. The judge agreed with us and granted our motion to suppress all of the evidence, which of course, left the State no choice but to dismiss the case.

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