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New Jersey computer crimes attorneyThe Internet offers a wealth of information and convenience; it also offers myriad opportunities for illegal activity. An experienced New Jersey computer crimes attorney discusses some of these.


Hackers are people who invade another computer system without the owner’s knowledge or permission. Their motive may be to steal confidential or financial information in order to surreptitiously transfer funds, to steal someone’s identity or to compromise their system by introducing a malicious program. These programs, known as viruses, worms or Trojan horses, are designed to disable, damage, or infiltrate the victim’s computer system.

Internet Pirates

Internet pirates illegally sell or distribute copyrighted materials such as music, motion pictures, books or computer software programs. Since these materials are under copyright, royalties must be paid to the owners whenever they are sold or, in the case of a movie or a song, played. Pirated materials are distributed without permission and with no royalties paid.

Fraud and Phishing

People committed identity theft long before there was an electronic venue that made it easier to do so. Nowadays, it is done by using small email programs called “phishing” emails. The victim is inadvertently led to a duplicate of a website they normally frequent and information is requested. When the victim provides the password, personal or financial information demanded, it goes to the hands of someone who will use it for his own ends.

Social Media Abuse

Social media websites can, unfortunately, be used to humiliate, frighten or wound others. It is usually motivated by malice and can take the form of threats, bullying, posting compromising pictures or spreading malicious gossip or lies. This is common among children and teenagers, and the effects can be tragic. Lives have been ruined, and, in extreme cases, young people have been driven to suicide because of this kind of harassment.

Sex Crimes

The Internet makes preying on minors for sexual purposes disastrously easy. This is an extremely serious offense and carries severe penalties. Jail sentences for convicted offenders can stretch into decades.

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