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Firm Update

Dear Clients and Friends of Tim Anderson Law: This has been a turbulent few weeks, and it will be a while before the uncertainty passes. I wanted to reach out to you and update you on how COVID-19 has impacted my firm, as well as the entire criminal justice system....

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Tim Anderson
Federal Crime

New Jersey Sentencing Lawyer

While all federal criminal cases contain elements of complexity, it is in the sentencing phase of the case where federal cases require an attorney who fully understands the complexity and ambiguity presented by the interaction of the federal sentencing guidelines...

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Virtual law firms may be on upswing in North Jersey

BY MELANIE ANZIDEI STAFF WRITER | THE RECORD   Law firms in North Jersey are going digital, jettisoning brick-and-mortar offices and establishing virtual law firms that bring services to clients from a distance using technological forms of communication,...

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What Does Guilt “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” Mean?

One of the fundamental concepts of our justice system is that a defendant is presumed innocent under the law unless the prosecution proves the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that a defendant can only be convicted if the jury is satisfied "to...

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Questions about Mortgage Fraud

As a New Jersey mortgage fraud lawyer, I often field questions concerning this offense. Read on for some of the common questions and answers regarding this topic. What Is Mortgage Fraud? This is usually a complex offense that involves mortgage lenders as well as...

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