Beware Engaging in Internet Fraud

December 19, 2013

Your NJ federal criminal defense attorney points out that as use of the Internet to store information and conduct business has increased, Internet fraud has grown at the same rate.

Understanding Internet Fraud

As your NJ Federal criminal defense attorney explains, Internet fraud is simply a type of crime in which the perpetrator uses the Internet to obtain money or property. Typical Internet fraud schemes will try to:

• Obtain personal information by tricking you into providing the information or by breaking into a computer where the information is stored;

• Offer to sell you luxury items or products in high demand at discount prices and then deliver something of lower value;

• Convince you to participate in investments that don’t exist or are Ponzi schemes; or

• Persuade you to pay money to obtain a benefit, such as an inheritance, lottery winnings or a job, and then fail to deliver the promised benefit.

Your NJ federal criminal defense attorney advises you to be careful when using the Internet. Actual Internet fraud schemes take many forms and can be well disguised. In addition, your NJ federal criminal defense attorney warns that you should be careful to avoid inadvertently engaging in Internet fraud.

Your Risk of Prosecution

Your NJ federal criminal defense attorney notes that laws adopted to help combat Internet fraud impose criminal penalties on activities tied to Internet fraud. However, as your NJ federal criminal defense attorney emphasizes, they are often broadly written.

Consequently, your NJ federal criminal defense attorney warns that you could become subject to criminal prosecution for careless mistakes. For example, you could be prosecuted if you carelessly post incorrect information about a company you work for or have invested in. Similarly, you could be prosecuted if you use the Internet to offer goods for sale and fail to deliver them.

If you have been accused of engaging in Internet fraud, NJ federal criminal defense lawyer Tim Anderson can help you understand your rights. Call him at 732-212-2812 to schedule a consultation.


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