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A common type of fraud in the digital age is identity theft. Given some high-profile identity theft cases, the federal government has cracked down on the crime and passed several laws addressing the crime. If you have been accused of identity theft, you should be aware that you face very serious penalties including lengthy prison time. An experienced New Jersey federal criminal defense attorney can help review the circumstances of your case and shape your defense.

Types of Identity Theft
Identity theft may be committed through a variety of ways. Some common types of identity theft include:

  • Financial. The defendant may be accused of stealing another person’s identity to commit financial crimes like bank, mortgage and credit card fraud;
  • Cloning. Identity cloning is a sophisticated crime that can involve the defendant using personal information to recreate an identity to commit other crimes; and
  • Medical. Individuals may engage in identity theft related to federal medical benefits such as collecting Social Security disability checks and Medicare benefits.

There are many other types of identity theft, and you should contact an experienced attorney to learn more about your case.

Penalties for Identity Theft Explained by a New Jersey Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer
The Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act is an oft-cited federal law that prosecutors use to fight identity theft. This act makes it a crime to intentionally use someone else’s identifying information without the permission of that person. Someone convicted of a crime under this act can face felony charges and monetary fines.

In addition, under the Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act, whoever knowingly engages in a felony identity theft offense faces a mandatory two-year imprisonment. The two-year prison sentence must be served consecutively to any other penalties, meaning that the two years may not be served concurrently with the prison sentence for a related offense.

Contact a New Jersey Federal Criminal Defense Attorney
If you have been accused of identity theft, you should contact an experienced attorney. The penalties for identity theft are very severe. An attorney can help explain your options and defenses. To learn more about your case, contact attorney Tim Anderson at 732-212-2812.

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