A New Jersey Federal Defense Lawyer Explains Embezzlement and Extortion

September 5, 2013

Embezzlement and Extortion

Those accused of embezzlement and extortion in New Jersey will want to work with an experienced New Jersey federal defense lawyer. The crimes of embezzlement and extortion carry serious penalties and are often prosecuted in federal court. As a result, you will need a federal defense attorney experienced in defending clients in federal matters.

A New Jersey Federal Defense Attorney Discusses Extortion

A New Jersey federal defense lawyer can explain to you that the crime of extortion generally involves obtaining property from the victim through use of bodily harm, threat, or other illegal means. The crime typically requires that prosecutors prove that the defendant knowingly engaged in the conduct and that the alleged extortive acts actually qualify as “extortion.” A New Jersey federal defense lawyer can help you review the facts and circumstances of your case and review available defenses.

A New Jersey Federal Defense Lawyer Discusses Embezzlement

Embezzlement is generally considered a white collar crime and involves the illegal taking of property by someone who was trusted to oversee and care for the property. A New Jersey federal defense lawyer can explain to you that embezzlement is unlike most other larceny and theft charges, as the defendant typically has legal access to the property initially before misappropriating it.

There are many different types of embezzlement, which a New Jersey federal defense lawyer can explain further. These can include:

  • Skimming from a large pool of money
  • Stealing a lump sum of money
  • Family members stealing from other family members
  • Fiduciaries like accountants and lawyers stealing from their clients
  • Employee theft

Whether someone faces felony or misdemeanor embezzlement charges can depend upon factors like the amount allegedly stolen, identity of the victim, and the manner in which the embezzlement occurred. A New Jersey federal defense attorney can explain the specific charges you face.

Contact a New Jersey Federal Defense Attorney

If you have a question regarding an extortion or embezzlement charge, you should consider working with a New Jersey federal defense lawyer. These crimes are serious accusations and you will need an experienced attorney to advocate for your rights. Contact Tim Anderson at 732-212-2812 to discuss your case.


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