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NJ tax fraud lawyerIn this article, NJ tax fraud lawyers offer some useful suggestions on how you can avoid becoming the subject of an IRS investigation.

Some Helpful Hints

There are a number of things you can do to avoid problems with the IRS. By doing your part to stay up-to-date and within IRS regulations, you can save yourself a world of headaches.

Use an Accountant

By using an accountant to prepare and file your tax returns, you add a layer of protection against possible tax fraud investigation.  Provide your accountant with all necessary expense and income records and information to prevent the argument that you were not forthright with the accountant and thus committed tax fraud.

Submit Your Return with Payment in a Timely Manner

All the IRS really wants is the money, and they’d much rather collect it when it’s due than have to prosecute for non-filing or non-payment. They will usually give you more than one chance to send it in. However, if you are unable to file your tax return within the deadline or cannot meet the payment, it is best to be proactive. You can help yourself substantially if you demonstrate a genuine reason for why your return is late or the tax is not paid and make serious efforts to rectify the situation.

Don’t Ignore IRS Correspondence

If the IRS is taking the trouble to contact you, it is unwise to let the letter sit for days or weeks without acting on it. By attending to any correspondence from the IRS in a timely manner, you can avoid the harm that could be done if you ignore their messages.

If You Are Audited

No one likes to be told that they are about to be audited, but attempting to fight it or reacting with resentment can turn an inconvenience into a disaster. A battle with the IRS is not usually a fight you can win, at least not without good legal representation.

Seek Legal Counsel

If you are under investigation, engage a New Jersey federal criminal defense lawyer to act for you and give him or her your full cooperation. You will need representation, and it should be someone with experience in tax criminal laws. Your New Jersey federal criminal defense attorney is your best friend at a time like this.

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