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White Collar Crime

The term “white collar crime” generally refers to non-violent crimes of deception that are motivated by profit. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, “white-collar offenses” are “non-violent illegal activities which principally involve traditional notions of deceit, deception, concealment, manipulation, breach of trust, subterfuge or illegal circumvention.” Some commonly charged “white collar” crimes include: Bank Fraud; Health Care Fraud; Insurance Fraud; Corporate Fraud; Securities Fraud; Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud; Theft and Embezzlement; Mail, Bank, and Wire Fraud.

Federal Crimes

While most of charges are considered state crimes, charges that cross state lines or effect interstate commerce may fall under the category of a federal crime. It is not always apparent that a charge may have federal consequences. Using the mail – even private carriers like UPS and DHL are considered the mail – even indirectly can lead to a federal charge. Likewise using the Internet, radio, TV, any media that crosses state lines. There are thousands of variables and conditions that can turn an investigation into a federal case, few of them are readily apparent.

Federal crimes can result in severe punishments and penalties They also come with collateral consequences that can affect employment, the right to possess firearms, and immigration status.

It is important to note that Federal court has its own extraordinarily complex sentencing guidelines, rules of evidence, and procedures. Many criminal defense lawyers do not have significant experience with federal cases, that experience can make the difference in any number of ways throughout the process – even while the case is in the investigative phase.

Drug Charges

Drug charges – using, possessing, distributing, and more – can be Federal, State, or both. In any case, drug charges can be very complex.  The potential penalties typically are huge, especially when the case involved is something other than a small amount of marijuana.  Drug charges are serious and must be defended aggressively.



My Services

If you have been charged with a federal crime of any type, or are being investigated by federal authorities, you need an effective and experienced federal criminal defense lawyer. Contacting an attorney early on is critical. Early preparation by an experienced defense lawyer can increase your chances of a favorable outcome, including the possibility of you not being charged or of charges being dismissed.

I represent clients charged with or under investigation for federal and state charges I have extensive experience in handling federal cases, having achieved exceptional results for clients in a wide range of federal charges. I am here to help you.

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