Let Your New Jersey Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Argue for Your Continued Release

November 22, 2013

Continued Release

There may come a time in your criminal case when the evidence has proved your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, either after trial or a guilty plea. As disappointing as that verdict might be, there is still work that your New Jersey Federal criminal defense lawyer can do on your behalf. A major area of concern is whether or not you can stay released until your sentencing or when you are to report to jail. There are many circumstances where a skilled New Jersey Federal criminal defense attorney can successfully argue for your continued release during this time.

Potential Reasons for a Continue Release

Your New Jersey Federal criminal defense lawyer has several options to utilize as he requests your continued release. Among these approaches are the following:

Obtain the prosecutor’s agreement. This is where your New Jersey Federal criminal defense lawyer will essentially get to not object to your continued release, prior to your sentencing hearing and even possibly until you would  start to serve your sentence, with “voluntary surrender” to the facility to which you are designated.

Discuss your good behavior. If  you can demonstrate that you stayed out of trouble and fully complied with all conditions during your pretrial release, your New Jersey Federal criminal defense attorney can argue that there is reason to assume you’ll keep up that good behavior while waiting to report to jail.

Request time to put your affairs in order. Your New Jersey Federal criminal defense attorney can also request that you be given time to get your affairs in order, such as preparing your business for your absence, selling off property or arranging for the care of your children.

Suggest house arrest. As a compromise to going straight to jail, your lawyer can offer more restrictive conditions like house arrest and an ankle bracelet for electronic location monitoring.

Your New Jersey Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Fight for You

As long as you don’t give up on your New Jersey Federal criminal defense lawyer, he won’t give up on you. Tim Anderson is an experienced Federal criminal defense lawyer who will stick by your side through every step of your trial. Call for a consultation today at 732-212-2812


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