A New Jersey Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Pre-Trial Custody Credit

A skilled New Jersey federal criminal defense attorney defines pre-trial custody credit as credit given for time that a defendant has spent in custody prior to trial.

Pre-Trial Credit
If you have been arrested and detained prior to trial, that time is usually factored into your sentence. This is true in the majority of state courts and in federal courts.  If, however, you have been placed under house arrest, are in a halfway house or are being monitored electronically, such credit is not normally accorded in most states.

As the types of facilities to which you may be confined are typically unpleasant, your Trenton federal criminal defense attorney will work towards having you released on bail. It is possible that you may not be convicted, so it follows that you may never be incarcerated at all. Your attorney will be working towards this, naturally.  Even if you are released from a holding facility and placed on electronic monitoring or house arrest, you are at least in a better position to help your lawyer on your case.

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